"I need to get out of here,
please take me far, far away."
"I’m right here when you need someone to see.
Let’s not speak of forever, hold your peace.
Its alright to take time and find where you been"

I swear sometimes it seems like none of my friends understand that friendship works two ways.. They blame me for everything when im the only one reaching out at all :c

Its really an on going pattern that i hate. But it makes me thankful for those rare real friends I have <3

A message from Anonymous
I miss you. I don't really know what happened we just dont really talk anymore

o’: aw im insanely busy right now and ive got a ton going on

but if you just text me or msg me, ill respond <3 idk who you are, but chances are i probably miss you a ton too :(

You’ve been here before. Please tell me you’ve learned from your mistakes…

Oh… Okay… Well I’ll just be over here… If you ever need me…

A message from Anonymous
You're really pretty :)

wow thank you(‘: that made me smile, you’re so sweet


When I think about my life, past present or future, I want to only focus on the good and the happy.. There is so much bad and darkness. Life is full of things that will bring you down…
But life is also full of good. It’s just hidden.
Why waste your time thinking about things that bring you down? Bad things happen, so why spend even more time going over them again and again and again in your mind? It wasted more than enough of your life when it happened. Instead go over again and again and again the moments that made your heart glow. The moments that made you smile. Forget the people that make you feel like you’re not enough. Surround yourself with people who adore you for you.

Forget the bad, it not worth your time. Let your life be filled with good and happy c:

A message from Anonymous
Your secret admirer wants you to be famous ;) thelastmedia com

wow you can buy youtube views, facebook likes and things like that?

thats so messed up oh my..

A message from lolagonzalezz
hiii :) can u tell me how much did the invisaling hole thing cost?? thanksss

It was about 4,000$ x) but! It was actually way cheaper than metal braces, because I guess all the metal and brackets are expensive nowadays

I could be in your life if you want me too, all the time.. All you gotta do is talk to me